[SDL] glmovie works!

Loren Osborn linux_dr at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 8 11:10:01 PDT 2002

As far as use with a movie player with a software
renderer, you are pretty much stuck... The software
renderers like Mesa typically won't run at more than
about 1 FPS on extremely fast boxes (1 GHz for
instance), so if you have an OLDER box, you're likely
to get even SLOWER framerates: Which are probably
useless for any sort of movie playback.


--- Dominique Louis <Dominique at SavageSoftware.com.au>
> Hi Gib,
>    Does this mean it has been a Driver problem all
> along? So are you 
> saying that the call back function now works with
> these new drivers 
> installed? As I do not have a 3D graphics card, does
> it mean that the 
> Software implementation of OpenGL under Windows (
> have not tested 
> Software OpenGL under Linux yet ) does not support
> this typs of call back?
> Thanks for any enlightenment.
> Dominique.

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