[SDL] Question about texture size

Kent Quirk kent_quirk at cognitoy.com
Sun Jul 7 20:22:00 PDT 2002

Two things about this:

Some OpenGL video cards (I can't remember which, but at one point it
caused us problems) have a limitation that textures can have an aspect
ratio of no worse than 1:8. In other words, if one dimension is 2048,
the other one has to be no smaller than 256.

The other thing is that it's not that hard to ask which video card
you're using -- and if the card can't handle big textures, load a
smaller version (either decimate it on the fly or have two versions
on disk). Don't forget that a 2048x2048x24 texture is 6MB all by
itself. If you have more than one of them you're really going to be
pushing a video card.


Saturday, July 6, 2002, 1:59:10 PM, you wrote:

JA> Martijn Melenhorst (Prive) wrote:

>> Just for the people who did not know, as it was not mentioned in this 
>> threat before, it seems that, regardless of which size you *are* going 
>> to use, you should stick to a 'power of 2' square size. 

JA> it doesn't have to be square, just both sides are powers of 2.

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