[SDL] A Quick libGL question..

Jason Farmer jason at cerebral-bicycle.co.uk
Sat Jul 6 12:18:01 PDT 2002

Hi Joseph,

I do have a libGL.so.1 in my /usr/lib directory.
It's a symlink to /usr/lib/GL/libGL.so.1.2.xf86_glx

SuSE seem to be putting all library files into this directory now.

This caused me a few problems getting SDL_mixer to configure because it was 
detecting the 1.2.3 version of SDL in the usr/lib directory and not the 1.2.4 
version in usr/local/lib

Is this part of the new linux standards base?

I've been ripping my hair out all day trying to update SDL and all of its 
buddies. I never seem to have any luck compiling SDL_mixer and getting it to 
recognise the smpeg I have installed. Stress!!!!

Anyway, If you guys can't help me then I'll have to look elsewhere. I don't 
really want this thread to evolve too much as it's hopelessly off topic as it 

The only thing I can think of is that there is a config file or an enviroment 
variable somewhere that points to the location of libGL.

well at least I leaned something. SuSE 8.0 linux does not like you installing 
SDL in the default location of /usr/local/lib and SuSE 8.0 ships with 
SDL.1.2.3 Which is a bit wierd considering that they went to town on getting 
the latest version of KDE

Maybe we need to bear this in mind when writing games for non technical users 
who don't know how to update their systems.



> On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 12:52:23PM +0000, Jason Farmer wrote:
> > here's the deal, When I try to run an OpenGL application (eg Quake2 with
> > OpenGL glx) they complain bitterly that libGL.so.1 could not be found yet
> > the file clearly exists on my system as a sym link in the usr/lib
> > directory. But it doesn't exist in the usr/X11R6 directory
> >
> > The PC is a SuSE 8.0 Linux box , Recent install.
> >
> > Here's the most important part...
> > When I try to compile sdl-1.2.4, one of the messages displayed by
> > ./configure is
> > checking for OpenGL (GLX) support... no
> >
> > I can only assume that this is related.
> Do you have /usr/lib/libGL.so ?  You need that for compiling.
> Id's Quake 2 looked for opengl32.dll and will look for the file in the
> directory Quake 2 is installed in for it.  Suggest linking that to
> libGL.  I suspect relnev's Quake2 (found on icculus.org) will not have
> this problem.

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