[SDL] Input Callback?

David Olofson david.olofson at reologica.se
Fri Jul 5 11:29:00 PDT 2002

On 05/07/2002 11:10:22 , Jimmy <jimmy at jimmysworld.org> wrote:
>I'm just loath to add another layer into the event handling.  I've
>already converted the SDL events to mix with other in game events all in
>pure C++, adding yet another layer of processing between SDL and the
>native wrapping feels wrong somehow.

Right, but that can't be avoided without changind the SDL API and
adding timestamps to events.

> And adding threading to the Event
>scheme at the application level would require some serious rewriting
>that I'm really not interested in doing.

Why? If you can use the SDL event system, there can't be much more
to it than the example code I posted. If you can't make use of the
timestamps, well, then need to redesign anyway, or just accept the
"video induced timing granularity". :-)


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