[SDL] WinCE status

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Fri Jul 5 08:43:01 PDT 2002

William Gacquer wrote:

> Hello Corona688 and WinCE/SDL users,
> What is the status of the PocketPC port?
> Is it usable?
> Is it fast?
> Is it as fast as GapiDraw?
> Does it use Gapi?
> William,
>  still clinging to Gapidraw while SDL evolves

I would describe it as useable...  since finding that annoying video bug,
I haven't had many other problems.  I've been using sound the most, and
that seems rock-solid.  The things that are missing - CDRoms and Joysticks
- well, CE doesn't have those anyway.

Speaking of sound, what's the status of SDL_Mixer?  I heard that it was
going to be reimplimented using SDL_Sound(which has CE patches, btw).  I'd
very much like to see this happen;  music modules are ideal for PDAs.

Anyway...  As for performance, SDL's DIB driver seems to be a pretty
direct wrapper on the existing WinCE graphic API.  So unless Gapi's doing
WEIRD things with CE video hardware, I'd predict at -least- similar
performance.  WinCE doesn't have anything nice like DirectX yet, but when
it does, I'm pretty sure SDL'll pick it up along with it's dozens of other
supported AIPs :)

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