[SDL] Need help with SDL_audio

Martin Bruchanov bruxy at regnet.cz
Fri Jul 19 17:52:05 PDT 2002

Hi everybody.
I'm working on a linux sh porting, and exactly I ported linux sh on 7709a 
based card. I have on my card the epson video controller  sed 1355, and I 
modified the linux native sed 1355 framebuffer device to make working my own 
device for my own board. 
Is anyone working to port SDL for Linux SH? Is it necessary a real port or 
everything should compile good only setting the cross enviroment? Is anyone 
interested to this project? How can I study deeper the framebuffer? What is 
the SDL part identifing the understanding graphical output (framebuffer, X11, 
etc.) ?

Thanks a lot.

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