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Thomas Younsi (Obvious Tech) tyounsi at obvioustech.com
Thu Jul 18 04:57:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 10:07, David Olofson wrote:
> (Jimmy, can you please try to get your mail software to mark
> quoted lines with '> ' or something. It's quite confusing
> to see what looks like your own post, but with the "wrong"
> sender! :-)

Sorry bout that :)
The evolution does when the default is text mail and not html, but I had
to switch to html so I could send PGP signatures to Outlook since text
formatted messages with signatures get processed as perl by default on
Outlook Express on a couple friends machines.  Explain that, by the way
When it starts as html it just grays it, and the switch back to text
doesn't add the '>'s and this is offtopic and I'm rambling and I'm going
to shut up. :)

> On 03/07/2002 17:19:20 , Jimmy <jimmy at jimmysworld.org> wrote:
> >On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 15:57, David Olofson wrote:
> [...fixed logic frame rate...]
> >Ok, I'm basically sold on the idea... the only issue for me is that
> >logical frames will take place independently of visual frames (which is
> >good).. but since there _isn't_ timestamping of system events (even
> >though it would be nice), won't there be control and logic
> >inconsistencies whenever a visual frame IS rendered because of the
> >likelyhood of missing a logic frame or two during a visual update?
> Well, yes - but if that turns out to be a real problem, there's
> still the option of setting up your own thread that waits events,
> and either timpstamps them and passes them on, or handles them
> right away. I'd think the former is easier and more robust. Just
> use an sfifo (http://olofson.net/mixed.html) or something.
Multithreading bad, Jimmy hates and will avoid until absolutely
necessary.  Either way, I can interlace the rendering with picking up
the events and queueing them.


> >AND
> >Would the events taking place slightly out of order really be
> >perceptable since they would have all happened between visual frames
> >anyway, and the difference in motion paths would likely be trivial.
> It depends. A fixed latency is generally much less of a problem than
> "random" jitter, although you can't always tell the difference.
> Taking an FPS as an example, if you spin around to fire a shotgun
> at someone, you'll have serious trouble actually hitting anything
> if there's too much of a random factor in the button->fire latency.


Anyway, thanks for the insight.

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End of Rant.

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