[SDL] ingame "GUI" using SDL and SDL with OpenGL question

Niels Wagenaar niels at nwagenaar.demon.nl
Wed Jul 17 02:13:00 PDT 2002

On Tue, 2/07/2002 21:49:47 , Andrew Ford <andrewhford at yahoo.com> wrote:
>--- David Olofson <david.olofson at reologica.se> wrote:
>> Then, what about applications that should work with
>> or without OpenGL?
>The main thrust behind OpenGL for paragui is in 3D
>apps, in which case you probably don't want a

Maybe, but as you know, I think software rendering is too slow for 2D as well. :-)

[..."Dual Rendering" mode...]
>Doesn't the program have to specifically request an
>OpenGL mode in glSDL, or is it your intention that the
>user selects it without the program's knowledge (as in
>the backend, dga, x11, fbcon, etc...)

The idea is to provide both alternatives. Applications that are aware of glSDL can explicitly request it (like they do with the current wrapper), while other (old, binary-only etc) apps can be forced to use it through an environment variable or something.

The "Dual Rendering" hack is for the latter case. (glSDL aware applications, and in fact any applications designed for PC style hardware, should never blit from or whithin the screen, nor lock the screen surface. Touching VRAM always dog slow, and will in some cases be even slower with glSDL.)


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