[SDL] Compiling with builder 5

David Snopek xevol at newtonave.net
Tue Jul 2 22:07:05 PDT 2002

Time Killer wrote:
> What I have done to get the DLLs and such to compile under Builder 5 is 
> to use the freebcb files instead of the IDE files of the distribution. 
> For some reason I get the exact same errors you do using the IDE files, 
> something to do with gl.h.

Um, yes.  As the origanal author of the IDE files, I think I just 
thought of a compelling reason to *never* use them.  When I was putting 
them together, after certain IDE operations (I never really figured out 
which), certain setting would return to there defaults.  Although this 
was really annoying to me, I knew what all the settings should be so I 
could just set them again.  Since the bcb5 and freebcc makefile 
generated almost the same code (the free borland compiler has no 
assembler!  This is the only difference), I would suggest to always use 
that.  Sorry...

	-- David Snopek

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