[SDL] The multiscreen question again

Andrew Straw andrew.straw at adelaide.edu.au
Tue Jul 2 19:14:00 PDT 2002

On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 01:14 AM, David Olofson wrote:

> On Tue, 2/07/2002 12:54:54 , Andrew Straw 
> <andrew.straw at adelaide.edu.au> wrote:
>> What are the current thoughts on, and the status of, opening multiple
>> screens and being able to position windows in the window manager with
>> SDL?
> Well, IIRC, someone hacked a half-way solution (video, but not event 
> handling) for Solaris or something. I was about to port it to Linux, 
> but got sidetracked. (Frankly, I can't even remember if I actually did 
> anything with it or not... *heh*)

Anyone recall what this or where I might find it? Or have any pointers 
to other source that does it?

> Well, maybe you should look for some wgl/glx/... wrapper instead?

GLUT apparently does multi-windows and screen positioning on GLX and 
win32, so I'll probably start there.  And Apple (Mac OS X) has a 
"GLImage" demo that opens multiple windows using their native WM stuff.  
In other words, it looks do-able.

> Anyway, this is most probably not going into the mainstream SDL 1.2.x, 
> at least not unless we can figure out some ingenious way to add it 
> without breaking compatibility in either direction.

Well, if I do the "hard" part of writing the code, you can do the 
ingenious part of adding it to the API! :)

> That said, maybe the tiling stuff is handy enough to put in a separate 
> library, redesigned for cooperation with OpenGL code? (I think it's too 
> low level to be truly useful for that, but I might be missing 
> something.)

Because nVidia's cards support 2048 pixel wide textures, I've been able 
to side-step this issue. But if such a library was just a download and 
compile away, I would surely try and use it.


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