[SDL] stable SDL GUI

Andrew Ford andrewhford at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 2 17:25:01 PDT 2002

--- David Olofson <david.olofson at reologica.se> wrote:

> bzip2? :-)

Bit slow for general file-access isn't it?  Even the
quake pak files are stored as uncompressed zips.

> Either way, I don't think glSDL has much to do with
> this GUI toolkit thing. It's either raw SDL 2D (and
> some nice s/w rendering code...) or native OpenGL,

My preferred solution for paragui in OpenGL contexts
would be to have a seperate build of the library (i.e.
no fallback to 2D), and use native OpenGL.  After all,
when the user is making a 3D app, there isn't much
sense in falling back to 2D and trying to fake out the
user.  glSDL, or at least parts of it, would come in
for internal library use, so that the 2D code in
paragui thinks it's still dealing with regular 2D SDL
and doesn't have to be rewritten.  If we scavenged
parts of the glSDL code, I'm sure we could have a
native OpenGL renderer up fairly easily, since glSDL
has to do most of what's required I'm guessing.


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