[SDL] playing swf in SDL?

Keith Swyer ksswyer at adventus.com
Tue Jul 16 06:41:01 PDT 2002

On Tue, 2/07/2002 11:38:33 , Joseph Carter <knghtbrd at bluecherry.net> wrote:
>(Your lines aren't warpping, David..)

They are here! ;-)

Another issue with this stupid web mail... (I'll probably switch back to my real development system now, anyway.)

>It seems that making glSDL work with user OpenGL code wouldn't be too

Right; shouldn't be a major problem - it just isn't officially supported yet. (Or: *You* get to figure out what glSDL touches and depends on. ;-)

>> > but in the end I think I'd rather see yet another
>> >GUI project which supported both OpenGL and software rendering.  Such a
>> >thing is on my todo list at some point.
>> Same here, although I'm thinking more along the lines of a
>> GtkCanvas/Flash hybrid, specifically designed for "weird" and flashy
>> GUIs of the kind seen in games, media players and audio applications.
>I was hoping for something very simple and clean.

Well, I'm aiming for something rather "simple and clean" in relation to the problem at hand. We're not talking about some 5 different traditional widgets, but rather a dynamic structured graphics system with only a few visual objects, and some "behind the scenes" logic objects. Focus is on tools and "idea to solution", rather than the actual toolkit or related APIs.

> As with other things I
>do because I'd rather not see people using the alternatives, I'd probably
>BSD license the thing.

I'm an LGPL guy. :-)

>> As a result of taking active part in a discussion on "audio GUIs"
>> (VST/DX style stuff) on another list, I got contacted by the lead
>> developer of an OpenGL only toolkit to be released soon. Might be a
>> better idea than starting from scratch, but I can't really tell at this
>> point.
>> (Contact me off the list for details on my design, or whatever.)
>Interesting...  =)

Well, remains to see how it turns out. They're basically doing a traditional toolkit, but I could probably reuse their portable OpenGL layer, as well as parts of the toolkit. (I'll still need the usual rendering stuff, event handling, etc...)


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