[SDL] how to create two SDL_Surface use hack "SDL_WINDOWID"?

Blackart blackart0 at sina.com
Tue Jul 16 00:59:01 PDT 2002

HI Tk,
   If you are interested I can send you the Builder 6 project files I 
have just been working on. These should compile straight out of the Zip :).



Time Killer wrote:
> What I have done to get the DLLs and such to compile under Builder 5 is 
> to use the freebcb files instead of the IDE files of the distribution. 
> For some reason I get the exact same errors you do using the IDE files, 
> something to do with gl.h.
> When you installed Builder 5, you also installed the same utilities as 
> the free Builder compiler. So just follow the instructions for building 
> the makefiles and you'll be alright. The DLLs will work under Builder 5 
> as well.
> My only grip with this so far is that to make a SDL program to run under 
> Builder 5, you need to create a console project(to get main() as your 
> entry point, instead of WinMain()) and Builder insists on popping up a 
> small console window before it your SDL window will appear. Other than 
> that it works fine, and I've integrated the VCL with SDL just for kicks 
> and it works wonders. Borland makes really good compilers, so I'm glad 
> I've been able to make it run with it. I just got Builder 6 tho, so I'm 
> going to have to check if the IDE files will compile with it.
> ~tk~
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