[SDL] New Breed Software Labs

nbs nbs at sonic.net
Mon Jul 15 13:02:00 PDT 2002

Am Dienstag, 2. Juli 2002 16:41 schrieb Blake Senftner:
> So, outside of visual observation how would the mpeg player know that
> glTexSubImage2D() is not working?
> If the function does not operate as advertised, then that OpenGL driver is
> not compliant... (as if that matters in the big scheme).
> Does one have to perform some glTexSubImage2D() operation, render the
> texture, read it back in and THEN test to see if the glTexSubImage2D()
> performed? (cuss deleted.)

It gets even worse.
I've got an implementation on my laptop which is quite buggy (it advertises 
itself as being OpenGL 2.03.. go figure). TexSubImage only fails after the 
texture you're trying to access has been used in rendering at least once.
This is an SiS on-board chip in a laptop BTW. My bug report seems to have 
been ignored completely :/


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