[SDL] Video with SDL/OpenGL

Jonathan Atkins jcatki at jcatki.no-ip.org
Tue Jul 2 04:16:00 PDT 2002

Gib Bogle wrote:

> When I play an MPEG-1 file (./glmovie test.mpg) I do not see anything
> related to the content in this mpg file.  Instead I see a fixed image,
> which happens to correspond to the bitmap of the NeHe logo, such as is
> used in lesson06, which I was running yesterday.  In other words glmovie
> is somehow locating the bitmap, which apparently still resides in RAM
> somewhere, probably on the graphics card.  It is opening the mpg file
> and returning correct mpeg_info.width and .height, but displaying
> something else.  BTW, plaympeg plays the file OK.

this could be related to a nonfunctional glTexSubImage2D perhaps...
I've seen many a movie player use that function, even though it isn't supported on every gfx card...
mplayer has multiple methods of playing through OpenGL for just this reason...

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