Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Mon Jul 1 15:42:01 PDT 2002

"Ryan C. Gordon" wrote:

> > David Hedbor also got it working under Qtopia (e.g., neither X11 nor FB)
> > on the Zaurus.  Also works on iPaqs running Qtopia.
> SDL works on WinCE (PocketPC) iPaqs, natively. I was just sent WinCE
> patches to SDL_sound.  :)
> --ryan.
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Not -natively-, at least not yet...  SDL's been partially converted to WinCE,
but some stuff's buggy/missing.  Sound works, not entirely sure what else.
Video's shot, anyway;  If I as much as INITIALIZE video under ARM WinCE, it

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