[SDL] In Win32, can't return to the original resolution after a SDL_Quit()

Nicolai Haehnle prefect_ at gmx.net
Mon Jul 1 08:51:01 PDT 2002

Am Montag, 1. Juli 2002 17:26 schrieb Robert Goulet:
> There's another issue in the way SDL work in Windows. When I change the
> resolution to anything that is fullscreen, the vertical refresh used is
> always the poorest of all. I checked my desktop properties, and it is set
> to "use best refresh". So why is it using the poorest refresh rate in
> fullscreen mode in Winshit?

This is a known issue. If you try any other (non-SDL) fullscreen program, the 
refresh rate should drop as well. Try searching Google for "nvidia refresh 
rate fix".


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