[SDL] Problem in SDL_net docs + proposal for new functions

Clemens Kirchgatterer clemens at thf.ath.cx
Mon Jul 1 04:24:00 PDT 2002

Gaëtan de Menten <ged at bugfactory.org> wrote:

> > > 2) several small packets may arrive in a single "packet" (this
> > > caused the problem I was talking about in my previous messages
> > > "Problem wh SDLNet_TCP_Send (SDL_net)..." which is thus now
> > > resolved)
> >
> > it does not matter, if the ip-packets get fragmented or repackt. the
> > kernel just waits for your buffer to fill and returns.

> Is it just on windows or is it just my computer? But here, it doesn't
> wait for the packet to be full to return, although I didn't specify
> anything special.
> It does wait for *some* data to be received. So I guess this is called
> "blocking"...

okok, i shouldn't write emails, when i'm half asleep. i just double
checked (with a small program) and you are completly right. i think i
have just confused something i even don't remember quite now. 8-)

read() may return before it has received a maximum number of bytes, and
on linux it seems as there are more then one reason for this. a full TCP
packet has benn received, the other side closed the connection or the
read was interrupted by a signal.

i hope i didn't confuse anybody.

best regards ...

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