[SDL] SDL need Input for an Article - is SDL really good ?

jk.data at gmx.net jk.data at gmx.net
Wed Jul 10 08:16:01 PDT 2002


This topic would be interesting for me as well, so why we shouldn't discuss
in this forum ? 
I am developing some small games for the windows plattform and think it is a

very good library with lots of advantages - for instance the possibity to
every game to Linux and so much more plattforms....really worth to take a
at it!


> Please, since this is pretty much off topic and to avoid arguments 
> please reply to me directly mailto:bob at pendleton.com

> I've started writing on article about the benefits of using SDL for game 
> programming. Please send me your personal experiences, and opinions, on 
> the value of SDL. If you tried SDL and decided that is wasn't a good 
> choice, please tell me about it. I want to write a balanced, honest, 
> article about the value of SDL.

   >     Many Thanks

     >           Bob Pendleton

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