[SDL] Question about texture size

Martijn Melenhorst (Prive) rheenen at home.nl
Thu Jul 4 11:55:01 PDT 2002

Hi people,

I am writing this 2D-platform game using OpenGL and stuff, and I want to 
store all 'tiles' to be 'blitted' onto the screen into one big texture. 
This way I can use only one texture while drawing the game's background 
which should be really fast. So far, the theory. Now, the question:

I am thinking about using a 2048x64 or something as this texture, and I 
know that the later graphic cards (like TNT 2, GeForce etc.) will 
support this texture size, but Voodoo 1, 2 and 3 will not. So I would 
render these cards useless. Does someone have a though regarding a good 
average texture size to use to keep maximum compatibility? (256x256, 
which is the max of Voodoo as far as I know, will not work for me, I 
*do* need a bigger texture for this.

Thanks for any help!
  With kind regards,
  Martijn Melenhorst

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