[SDL] The multiscreen question again

Andrew Straw andrew.straw at adelaide.edu.au
Mon Jul 1 20:26:01 PDT 2002

I know these questions have been asked in the past, but it seems to me 
that they're only going to become more frequent (that new card from 
Matrox supports 3 screens!) and I can't remember the answer:

What are the current thoughts on, and the status of, opening multiple 
screens and being able to position windows in the window manager with 
SDL?   My project needs multiscreen and window positioning capabilities 
on win32, Mac OS X, and X11, and I'm going to have to switch to a 
different library or hack my own solution unless SDL goes this way. I 
know that SDL target platforms include consoles, PDAs, and probably 
fancy new refrigerators, so I can understand if this can't be included 
as standard SDL, although it seems like it would be useful for many 
people currently using SDL.

Can anyone recommend a course of action? The code I currently use from 
SDL is fairly minimal. It is only used to open a window for OpenGL and 
to get keystrokes, so moving to a different solution wouldn't be too 
difficult, and would perhaps be a better fit, since I don't need any of 
SDL's non-OpenGL 2D capabilities. (Although glSDL could be handy...)

Andrew Straw

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