[SDL] Speed: Windows vs Linux

Gib Bogle bogle at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jul 1 15:02:01 PDT 2002

I have been been exploring the NeHe OpenGL tutorials, and I have made
what I'm sure is not an original discovery, but one that puzzles me. 
Lesson06 paints a bitmap on each face of a rotating cube.  The speed
difference between Windows 2000 and Linux running this code (SDL version
for Linux) on my P4 with a recent nVidia card is amazing.  Linux is
approximately 6 times as fast as W2000.

I am not at all concerned about this (rather the opposite) since Linux
is the target OS for my SDL/OpenGL program, but I am curious to know the
reason.  Is it likely that I have a problem with the video card setup,
or is the Windows/OpenGL combination just very slow?  I am tremendously
impressed by the simplicity of the SDL implementation, by the way, and
to get the enormous performance advantage as well is far more than I
could have hoped for, which is why I wonder if it can be real.


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