[SDL] Again fullscreen problem

sondheim at knxmail.com sondheim at knxmail.com
Wed Jan 31 01:10:31 PST 2001

> Actually, with some cards and XFree86 4.0, this is exactly what happens,
> allowing both 8-bpp and 24-bpp on the same screen using different visuals.
> SDL supports this just fine.  Many SGI workstations also have this capability,
> and are supported by SDL.

I was aware of at least one "superset" visual (that allowed
for tri-palleted color axis on a 24-bit surface, where you
could define per-window palettes), but this is the first
I've heard of multiple visuals of different non-emulated
depths on the screen at the same time, but this sounds
pretty cool...

Thanks again Sam,


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