[SDL] Again fullscreen problem

Dominique Biesmans Dominique.Biesmans at Telepolis.Antwerpen.be
Tue Jan 30 06:54:16 PST 2001

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> This only allows a 640x480x8bpp. I have a S3 Trio with only 
> 1Mb video RAM.
> Is simply a problem of configuration, I don't know how to 
> tell X server to
> enable 640x480x16 and 800x600x16.

Well I'm just a linux newbie, so my solution may not be the only/correct
one, but :

I had this problem (with RH7), so I just quit X, logged on as root, ran
Xconfigurator & marked all the video modes that I wanted X to support. After
that I manually edited the X config file to put my prefered default
resolution in front of the list (the 'Modes' line).

That did the job for me.

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