[SDL] SDL under Windows, and more....?

Vasileiou Nikolaos nbasili at ceid.upatras.gr
Sun Jan 28 09:21:31 PST 2001

I generaly experienced problems while loading extensions with SDL under
windows while on linux works perfectly. I also got less FPS under win than
linux but I thought it might be a driver or compiler isue but it could be
SDL too..... (I have a GeForce256 btw) 

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Marco Iannaccone wrote:

> I'm using SDL under Linux, 'cause it's great.
> I use it under Windows too, cause I think it's really easier than
> DirectDraw.
> Anyway, I want to use it with OpenGL, for commercial games and, while it
> perfectly works under Linux, I noticed under Windows it is slower than using
> directly WGL. Why? Does it depend by the way the windows is created or what?
> I noticed the app is less fluid than the Linux version, which instead rund
> at the same speed as the WGL Windows version. Why? I have a Matrox G400
> graphic chipset.
> Anyway, I'd like to know if SDL will ever be ported on X-BOX (I don't want
> to leard DirectGraphics...) and (this is easier, I suppose...) Indrema.
> Thanx in advance.
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