[SDL] SDL under Windows, and more....?

John R. Hall overcode at lokigames.com
Sun Jan 28 07:31:27 PST 2001

Marco Iannaccone wrote:
> Anyway, I'd like to know if SDL will ever be ported on X-BOX (I don't want
> to leard DirectGraphics...) and (this is easier, I suppose...) Indrema.

I'll speculate that both of these will happen. The X-Box will most
likely support DX, and SDL is already ported to that. The Indrema people
seem to be interested in specifying their own API, but SDL is already a
popular Linux multimedia API, and it would make sense for Indrema to
support it.

However, being connected with neither Microsoft nor Indrema, I can't say
for sure.


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