[SDL] Xmingw32 + ld

Benjamin Niemann pink at odahoda.de
Mon Jan 15 09:44:35 PST 2001


> When compiling most of the libraries on the SDL page, including
> SDL_image and SDL_mixer, using xmingw32 (native win32 version)... configure
> dies with the following complaint..
> configure: error: no acceptable
> ld found in $PATH
> however, the 'ld.exe' is right in the bin where all the other commands
> are, and runsfine.  It is in my path, but the configure script
> refuses to recognize it.  Does anyone know how to fix or get around
> this?
Had the same problem before. Try 'LD=ld ./configure [your-flags]'.

Benjamin Niemann (P!\K)
pink at odahoda.de

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