[SDL] ParaGUI with C++ Builder

Alexander Chemeris alchemist at arctur.icb.psn.ru
Wed Jan 31 09:14:34 PST 2001

I think this came up before. The dll gets stripped
even though it shouldn't. 

Check the "SDL_mixer IS being stripped" thread
about a month ago.


Holger Schemel wrote:
> I never had any problems with cross-compiling the various SDL
> extra libraries, but since SDL_mixer-1.1.0, I get a SDL_mixer.dll
> which does not work with Windows (doesn't start; error 0xc0000005).
> No errors when cross-compiling, only when starting the program under
> Windows. The bug must be in compiling the DLL, because when I replace
> it with a prebuilt version by Pete Shinners, it works.
> It works fine with the previous version SDL_mixer-1.0.6, with the
> difference that it does not produce a DLL, but a static library.
> Any idea what might have gone wrong?
> Kind regards,
>                 Holger
> --
> holger.schemel at mediaways.net .................... ++49 +5241 80 1438

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