[SDL] MacOS keys events trouble?

Luc-Olivier de Charrière Luc-Olivier.deCharriere at epfl.ch
Wed Jan 31 09:11:58 PST 2001

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Rouk wrote:

> > The mpeg plays fine until the window is moved, at which point the video
> > goes black, but the sound keeps playing.  If you drag another window
> > partially overtop of the video window, the video comes back.
> I had the same problem with a GeForce 256 on a Slackware. But, when I
> intalled the latest version of smpeg, and without doing anything else,
> the problem never occured again. I now use smpeg-0.4.1. so, check this,
> maybe it will help...

Strange, I'm using smpeg 4.2 and SDL 1.1.6 (about to be 1.1.7, as soon as
the dist-upgrade completes)...

This will probably break a bunch of stuff.........  Oh well.

I'll see if I can find a .deb of 4.1 and try it...

I assume you're using nVidia's drivers (from nVidia)?  Or are you using
xfree4's 2d nv driver?

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