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Holger Schemel holger.schemel at mediaways.net
Mon Jan 15 06:36:31 PST 2001

Hi Ray,

> Get the "cross-configure.sh" and "cross-make.sh" scripts from
> http://www.libsdl.org/Xmingw32 then build and install SDL first:
> Then you can do the same cross configure/make process for SDL_image.
> It also works for SDL_mixer and SDL_ttf (if you get the freetype lib).

I never had any problems with cross-compiling the various SDL
extra libraries, but since SDL_mixer-1.1.0, I get a SDL_mixer.dll
which does not work with Windows (doesn't start; error 0xc0000005).

No errors when cross-compiling, only when starting the program under
Windows. The bug must be in compiling the DLL, because when I replace
it with a prebuilt version by Pete Shinners, it works.

It works fine with the previous version SDL_mixer-1.0.6, with the
difference that it does not produce a DLL, but a static library.

Any idea what might have gone wrong?

Kind regards,
holger.schemel at mediaways.net .................... ++49 +5241 80 1438

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