[SDL] Platform-indep. file browser dialog--help!

A. Umbach marvin at dataway.ch
Sun Jan 14 12:31:05 PST 2001

Brent Schartung <firebrand at mailandnews.com> schrieb am 12 Jan 2001:
> Does anyone know a platform-independent way--for example, opening a
> "directory handle" (as in Perl, etc.)--that allows one to get the contents
> of a directory?  This would be great for a file-selection dialog  (take, for
> example, the map selection dialog in Starcraft).

readdir() is POSIX and should be fairly portable. I noticed that
VC++ 5.0 header files don't know about it, but cross-compiling the
code for win32 works flawless. For MacOS specific code, see
directory.c in the CVS version of GLtron.

- Andreas
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