[SDL] Low hw framerates

Mattias Engdegård f91-men at nada.kth.se
Wed Jan 10 01:36:07 PST 2001

>I have a simple app blitting two sprites to a 640x480x16 display.  In
>windowed mode it runs on a software surface (even though i try to set it
>to a hwsurface) but get ~120fps.  Running fullscreen, it has a hardware
>surface bug gets only 74 fps.  Is this normal?  All sprites have been
>converted with DisplayFormat().

my guess is that you call SDL_Flip() and this synchs to vertical refresh
in fullscreen mode, and you have a vertical frequency of about 74 Hz.
It's a feature :)

>also, is there a more code oriented faq around.  the doc project is nice
>but it's only api.  We should put a bunch of old answered messageboard
>questions in some searchable database.

good idea. sdl is driven 99% by Sam and the rest by volunteers like us,
so if you build a foundation I'm sure others will help you verify and
add to it

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