[SDL] Trying to paint fullscreen

Roger D. Vargas mad at pesca.esisc.colombus.cu
Fri Jan 26 05:03:08 PST 2001

"Giovanni Bajo" <bagio at prograph.it> wrote
> Moreover, looking at the DX5 video implementation, I can see that
> DDFLIP_WAIT flag is always specified. In this way, the flipping call is
> syncronous, at it waits till the real flip happens (instead of just
> scheduling the flip, as the SDL documentation says

i don't think this is quite right, here's a snip from the directx docs...

Typically, if the flip cannot be set up because the state of the
display hardware is not appropriate, the DDERR_WASSTILLDRAWING error
returns immediately, and no flip occurs. Setting this flag causes the
method to continue trying to flip if it receives the DDERR_WASSTILLDRAWING
error from the hardware abstraction layer (HAL). The method does not
return until the flipping operation has been successfully set up, or
another error, such as DDERR_SURFACEBUSY, is returned.

in otherwords, DDFLIP_WAIT does wait until the flip can be scheduled,
but does not wait for it to complete. this would include situations
like if the previous flip event han't occured yet.

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