[SDL] libksd 0.0.2 released!!!

David Snopek xevol at execpc.com
Thu Jan 25 14:41:48 PST 2001

> Just ramblings after working with the library for a month:
> 1. Resource files.  Having folders full of graphics in their native
> format, but if you wanted to release a game with copyright graphics,
> you'd not want them to be sitting there for anyone to just copy. 
> Possibly a SDL_Resource file function?  Either a wrapper that can be put
> over a custom format, or a format built into the SDL library so that
> it'd be easily ported anywhere.

I know work has been done to allow zip file reading in the past you
might want to check the mailing list archives to see if you can track
any of the posts down.  BTW this would best be done with a custom
library and not directly in SDL.
> 2. Windows icons.  How do you change the file icon of a windows program? 
> I know you can set the icon on the taskbar and title bar, but what about
> the one you see in a folder listing?

You have to do that in with your compiler/linker because windows
stores icons directly in the Application.  (In visual C you can do it
by setting an option and including a resource file with icon in your
> 3. Inline Surfaces.  Would it be possible/feasbible to declare a
> surface?  I believe it's just struct, yes?  So if I had a 60x60 pixel
> surface, I could put it in tile_surface.h and just include it, then use
> it like:   tile = tile_surface;   This would make for a faster load
> time, and allow smaller things to be kept inside so that you don't have
> a directory full of 1k graphics.

Easiest way to do this would probably just include the data as an
array and then call SDL_CreateSurfaceFrom on it.  Never tried it
though so I don't know how it would work.

> CK

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