[SDL] Announcing SDL 1.1.7

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Fri Jan 5 15:37:48 PST 2001

SDL 1.1.7 has been released! 

SDL 1.2 is going to be the next stable SDL release. SDL 1.1.7 is the
pre-release for SDL 1.2, which means that only bug fixes will be accepted
between now and the final SDL 1.2 release. Please test your code with SDL
1.1.7 to make sure that there are no lingering bugs and to prepare your code
for the official 1.2 release. A full list of API changes since SDL 1.0 is
available in the "WhatsNew" file in the SDL source distribution. 

Here are the major changes since SDL 1.1.6:

    * Expanded documentation from the SDL Documentation Project
    * Report X11 client message events if SYSWMEVENTS enabled
    * Added support for a single hat on Windows joysticks
    * The gamma ramp routines now take arrays of Uint16 values
    * Added initial support for QNX RTP (thanks Patrick)
    * Added ALSA sound driver (thanks Patrick Trainor)
    * Added aRts UNIX sound driver (thanks Neil Stevens)
    * Get keyboard modifier state on input focus on Win32
    * SDL_ConvertSurface() now accepts SDL_RLEACCEL as a flag
    * Added initial UnixWare 7 support (thanks rr)
    * Added working YUY -> RGB conversion code (thanks Eugene)
    * Fixed video initialization crash on IRIX
    * Fixed MacOS fullscreen palette code (thanks Darrell)
    * Fixed background brush flicker on Win32 (thanks Gautier)
    * Fixed incorrect pitch when switching to window on Win32
    * Fixed memory leak when switching video modes on Win32
    * Init of fbcon shouldn't automatically set graphics mode

Enjoy! :)
	-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

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