[SDL] Frameless/splash window

Benjamin Niemann pink2 at odahoda.de
Fri Aug 31 03:52:00 PDT 2001

On Thursday 30 August 2001 21:36, you wrote:
> On Thursday 30 August 2001  9:11am, Roger Durañona Vargas wrote:
> > How can I make a frameless window (like xmms) or a splash image with SDL?
> [snip]
> 3) Toggle the SDL_NOFRAME flag on your screen surface -For example, if your
> surface is called "screen", you'd have a line like this:
> 	screen->flags |= ~SDL_NOFRAME;
First I thought this was a typo... 
  |= ~SDL_NOFRAME  sets all bits except SDL_NOFRAME, which is already set!
What's happening on the next SDL_SetVideoMode is (when I interpret the source 
correctly): SDL thinks the current display has SDL_OPENGL enabled, but you 
don't request it in your new flags. SDL will then close the current window 
and open a new one, probably because it can't change the opengl-what-ever on 
the fly.
Usually SDL tries to resize the window, but it seems to fail to change the 
window's frame on the fly. If there's no other way to fix it, SDL should 
close old/open new window when the SDL_NOFRAME flag changed (as I already 


Benjamin Niemann (P!\K)
pink at odahoda.de

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