1.3 proposals (was: Re: [SDL] LoadLibrary analogous function?)

winterlion winterlion at fsj.net
Thu Aug 30 00:48:00 PDT 2001

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Standa Opichal wrote:

[clip on odd scancodes]
> Well, Xes (X windows) does this pretty well, doesn't they?
> I think Xes does have "multikeyboard" scancodes. I think there should be
> as many SDLK_ s as there exists particular keys on all keyboards. The
> scancodes conversion should do the OS, doesn't it? Another conversion does
> Xes.
> BTW: There was a thread a month ago where someone agreed with this
> proposal.

answer : not everyone uses Xwindows.  Not even everyone who uses unix.  I
certainly avoid it unless forced to otherwise and I'm interested in
implementing (or testing anyways) these features...

What's "Xes" anyways?

[on SDL prefs] - again afaik this is a planned 1.3 feature

> > > The portable dynamic libs API is also needed for application extensibility
> > > features not present within the basic binary distribution (e.g. native
> > > drivers for emulators)
> >
> > AFAIK this is already written...
> > my thoughts on this one are simple though - if SDL didn't itself need it,
> > why require SDL to have it?  except SDL needs it so :)
> SDL doesn't need it as well as audio recording capability.

Again - SDL -needs- this apparently.  Otherwise it wouldn't matter to SDL.
I mean the current module system wouldn't have calls if it wasn't used
internally, right?
and on audiorecording: other message *g*..  I still don't view
audiorecording as vital to most people but I'm going to guess it's need is
going to increase as people use it more.   There are very few computers
with audio capability that can't record...  (even PS2 can although you'd
need a USB device to handle recording and write the driver yourself :)

> > (well not full MIDI - I just want to be able to get SDL events from my
> > MIDI keyboard :)
> This might be nice as well.

So whoever commented on this before - WHERE IS IT???

G'day, eh? :)
	- Teunis  (hmm maybe I should be quiet for a couple of days about
this thread.. it's not like I'm a core developer.. :)

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