1.3 proposals (was: Re: [SDL] LoadLibrary analogous function?)

Standa Opichal opichals at seznam.cz
Wed Aug 29 16:16:00 PDT 2001

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, winterlion wrote:

> [clip]
> > I'd like to see the multidriver (portable) keykodes. The SDLK_ constants
> > should be the scancode ekvivalents immutable with driver/platform chages.
> > There should be other API to get the character code of the key pressed
> > (these are two differrent things). Now the SDLK_ returned changes e.g.
> > with keyboard layout which is not good e.g. for emulator or games.
> May not be possible.  Actually I suspect it isn't...  scancodes are
> hardware-dependant and so are what keys present.  It also somewhat varies
> with language...  and then there's the weird keyboards like the main one I
> use (Microsoft Natural Pro USB) which has about 19 extra keys and the
> Chinese one I play with from time to time.  (no extra keys but almost
> every key lists 3-4 characters more than the standard).  There's the
> European keyboards, which tend to occasionally move scancodes around, and
> who can forget Dvorak? :)

Well, Xes (X windows) does this pretty well, doesn't they?
I think Xes does have "multikeyboard" scancodes. I think there should be
as many SDLK_ s as there exists particular keys on all keyboards. The
scancodes conversion should do the OS, doesn't it? Another conversion does
BTW: There was a thread a month ago where someone agreed with this

> But at least I'd like to see SDL capable of knowing what keyboard is
> present (ref: SDL preferences support + maybe some local probes as most
> OSs keep a record of hardware)  (linux is a noteworthy exception for the
> most part although X has the setting)

Well, this could be another additional feature.

> > The portable dynamic libs API is also needed for application extensibility
> > features not present within the basic binary distribution (e.g. native
> > drivers for emulators)
> AFAIK this is already written...
> my thoughts on this one are simple though - if SDL didn't itself need it,
> why require SDL to have it?  except SDL needs it so :)

SDL doesn't need it as well as audio recording capability.

> (well not full MIDI - I just want to be able to get SDL events from my
> MIDI keyboard :)

This might be nice as well.



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