[SDL] HOWTO color cycling

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> Cool idea! :-)

Thanks ;)

>It should work, but it's probably faster to use a specifically optimized
>pixel level real time animation instead. If you don't convert the
>graphics to the display format, SDL will have to do the palette lookup in
>real time every time you blit the surface. This is usually not (never?)
>hardware accelerated on mainstream consumer hardware. (IIRC, some 3D
>cards support indexed color textures, though... Would that be usable?)
>Then again, SDL's 256 color emulation seems to be pretty darn fast (*),
>so I wouldn't think it's a big deal, at least not for low resolutions
>(like 320x240) on "normal" computers.
>(*) Fast enough that I still haven't bothered to port my GUI +
>    visualization toolkit to non-256 modes, despite using it on X
>    in 32 bit mode most of the time. Resolutions used are 640x480
>    and up, with nearly full screen oscilloscope displays and the
>    like, and it's not exactly sluggish.

I agree with that, but I've noticed that palette effect (like fade-in/out)
don't work with GDI display (look at testwin in SDL test programs). This
should be emulated by the SDL, I think.

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