[SDL] LoadLibrary analogous function?

Guido Draheim guidod-2001q3 at gmx.de
Mon Aug 27 09:21:00 PDT 2001

Brian Sea wrote:
> The Linux equivelents are:
>         dlopen(), dlclose(), dlsym().
> These work on most UNIX systems.
the solaris dlfcn-api was adopted widely 
and it is now part of the UNIX98 specs. 


the call-scheme is almost identical to what you expect from
the win32 LoadLibrary / GetFunctionAdress, it is so similar a
#def-macro will usually work. Many wrappers and liboject-
loaders use it as a baseline, including the libltdl approach
from libtool that covers all platforms - including win32 and
unix platforms before unix98.


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