[SDL] [dryice at uswest.net: sdl errors]

Randi J. Relander rjrelander at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Aug 26 12:21:01 PDT 2001

Joseph Carter wrote:
> He's using a lame demo of VC++ at the moment that came
> with some book (which is probably equally lame..) I've
> tried to convince him to just use mingw32, but since I
> haven't actually gotten it to work myself yet, I can't
> help him figure it out either.

Check out the SDL/Win32 FAQ ...


He needs to change his project settings by going to "Project | Settings |
C/C++ | Code Generation" and setting "Use run-time library" to
"Multithreaded DLL"

Note: This is also described in "VisualC.html" in the SDL distribution.

- Randi

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