[SDL] Problems to compile SDL* under GNU Win32 compilers.

Jo IoDream at ifrance.com
Sat Aug 25 13:01:00 PDT 2001

Hi all,

   In my previous mail, I did a little mistake: the two errors were caused
by line #2781
 in ltconfig and lines #9518-9523 in configure. Yes I missed the filenames.

   In the meantime, I can say you more about these errors.

   In the configure error, sed doesn't seem to accept to replace (s
function) things with "# Generated automatically from toto.in by
configure."-like stuff. Since it's not mandatory, I could fix it changing
lines #9518-9519 to:
<<<code start>>>
sed -e "
<<<code start>>>
   Now, Makefiles are generated, but they're not usable yet.

   In the ltconfig error, sed (still sed) doesn't like sed_quote_subst (line
#157), double_quote_subst (line #160) and delay_variable_subst (line #164)
command expressions.

   These errors never happen on Linux, so I think the error come from the
sed utility provided with cygwin (GNU sed version 3.02). I'll try to
download a newer version of it, and I'll tell you more if I find more.

Best regards,

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     Hello to all,
   But after all this, I still can't compile the libraries. I can't even
have a makefile to look and hack. For example: SDL-1.2.2. I provide with the
generated config.log, plus the file makingof.exe generated by "./configure >
makingof.txt 2>&1", both are gzipped. Look at the latter. At the lines
#46-104, there is a lot of sed errors (caused by the sed expression line
#2781), but I can't see the reason since I'm not a sed expert. Then at lines
#137-260, there is also a lot of sed errors (caused by the sed expression
lines #9518-9523), and creation of all Makefile; a `big' problem is that all
these makefiles are empty, as do SDL.spec and sdl-config files. Isn't that
weird ?!
Best regards,

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