[SDL] Keyboard Events w/ Linux Framebuffer

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Aug 24 03:26:00 PDT 2001

> As it is really simple, I've attached it to this mail. The program
> simply fills the screen with a cycling color, to make sure the program
> hasn't crashed, and exits once you press any key. It runs successfully
> with x11 and svgalib targets, but with fbcon target the input doesn't
> work. Even the NumLock key. I simply have to hard-reboot my machine to
> get out of it :(

It works here, or rather crashes predictably:

I get a key event, the loop ends, and since we didn't call SDL_Quit(), the
framebuffer is left in an unpredictable state (video apparently frozen,
input definitely frozen). When I call SDL_Quit() before returning from
main(), SDL cleans up correctly and the system continues to work. This, as
far as I'm concerned, makes it either a bug in fbcon (if users can hijack
the console), or just an unfortunate design choice on fbcon's part. Either
way, it's not SDL's fault.

Was this the problem, or are you not even getting key events in the first
place? I'm not using the latest CVS of SDL, so it might be a newer bug
than my codebase has. Let me know.


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