[SDL] Keyboard Events w/ Linux Framebuffer

Torsten Giebl wizard at syntheticsoft.com
Fri Aug 24 03:06:00 PDT 2001

It is not the solution to the Framebufferproblem, but you have to use
SDL_Init (SDL_INIT_VIDEO); and SDL_Quit ();


"Alexandre Courbot" <alexandrecourbot at linuxgames.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:mailman.998645706.14366.sdl at libsdl.org...
> On 24 Aug 2001 04:36:24 -0400, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> >
> > > I face similar problems. When I use the fbcon target video and audio are
> > > processed correctly. But input (keyboard/mouse) doesn't work at all,
> > > even console switching or kernel SysReq keys. Others applications that
> > > use framebuffer seems to work though (I've been successfull with mplayer
> > > at least), so this may be a bug in SDL input code? I'm using SDL 1.2.2
> > > on a Linux 2.4.2 kernel with a Voodoo 3 card.
> >
> > I just started paying attention to this thread, so sorry if this is a
> > repeat request. Can someone send me a minimal example program so I can
> > look into this?
> As it is really simple, I've attached it to this mail. The program
> simply fills the screen with a cycling color, to make sure the program
> hasn't crashed, and exits once you press any key. It runs successfully
> with x11 and svgalib targets, but with fbcon target the input doesn't
> work. Even the NumLock key. I simply have to hard-reboot my machine to
> get out of it :(
> Hope this will help!
> Alex.

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