[SDL] sdl newbie question.

martin krois mkr at cybercity.dk
Fri Aug 24 00:39:01 PDT 2001

Roger Ostrander wrote:
> Hello,
>   I had this problem, and in my case it was because
> SDL_Quit wasn't being called - I believe SDL_Quit will
> reset the resolution to the way it was.  An
> atexit(SDL_Quit) should work (though I've heard this
> is not exactly a kosher thing to do) as would finding
> all the spots where your programs stops and tossing an
> SDL_Quit in there.
>   (Accidentally calling SDL_Quit more than once isn't
> going to hurt things, right?  I sure hope not :)

Ok, sounds reasonable. As I have converted my C to C++ I think it will
now be easier to track down where excactly it exits ungracefully if this
is the problem.

Now I have some ideas to work with, at least it's my code, not SDL that
crashes. A great thanks to all who answered.

"Beam me up scotty - There's no intelligent life down here."

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