[SDL] Keyboard Events w/ Linux Framebuffer

John R. Hall overcode at linuxgames.com
Thu Aug 23 21:32:00 PDT 2001

on 8/16/01 6:30 AM, Ghazan Haider at ghazanhaider at yahoo.com wrote:

> I used to think the same. Remember, to use the
> keyboard events SDL_InitVideoMode should preceed
> PollEvents. Also using pointers and checking keyboard
> states works very well. IF you think theres a problem
> write a minimalist prog that demonstrates it and
> preferably other info with it too like the output
> after a gcc -Wall compile.

I've had problems with reading the keyboard under the framebuffer console,
but I don't recall the exact situation. There may well be a bug in SDL's
keyboard code. To slightly twist a Linus Torvalds quote, Linux console
programming can be used to frighten small children...


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