[SDL] 3dfx Voodoo3, XF86 4.1.0, SDL 1.2.2 : X crashes

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Thu Aug 23 11:54:06 PDT 2001

> When I use either mplayer or avifile, using the sdl/x11 to render, my X
> server crashes, which is, as you can imagine, kind of annoying. sdl/dga
> works fine.

> It looks like a problem related to the size of the image, because it
> happens only with some divx, and not with the others. And it's not like a
> random crash, since I tried repeatedly.

> I couldn't figure out the exact reason of the X crash.

Please contact the X driver maintainers.  It's an XVideo bug for your card.

See ya,
	-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

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