[SDL] Weird surface behavior

Ti Leggett leggett at eecs.tulane.edu
Wed Aug 22 07:38:00 PDT 2001

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Mattias Engdeg=E5rd?= wrote:

> Locking costs vary from zero for non-RLEed software surfaces to
> a lot for some hardware surfaces or RLEed software surfaces. In general
> locking isn't a big deal if you do it say, once per frame per surface

Cool. Once I figure out how to do this I'll only need to lock once, copy
all the data, and then Flip.

> Direct pixel access is one of SDL's features but mostly it's simpler to
> copy chunks of pixels using BlitSurface, and often faster

I'm new to this and I'm not quite sure how I would achieve bump mapping
without modifying each pixel... Thanks again!


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