Fabio 'SnowDruid' Franchello snowdruid at libero.it
Tue Aug 21 09:26:00 PDT 2001

At 17.26 21/08/01 +0200, you wrote:
>You have the SDL source, and I think it's a lot more productive if you
>start debugging yourself instead of having me guessing what is happening
>inside your computer

Please don't get upset, I don't expect you to solve all my problems. This
is an open list, lots of people are reading this. Maybe someone knows more
than me and you and can help, isn't this list supposed to be for help
also? I'm a newbie in SDL, and I thought I was the one mistaking. That's it.
This is getting off-topic, so please let's stop the discussion here.

I'm asking all the people in the list who're reading this. Can someone
successully used SDL_OPENGLBLIT in a project?


Fabio " '- nowDruid " Franchello
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