Fabio 'SnowDruid' Franchello snowdruid at libero.it
Tue Aug 21 07:55:01 PDT 2001

At 11.17 21/08/01 +0200, you wrote:
>"Fabio 'SnowDruid' Franchello" <snowdruid at libero.it> wrote:
> >Logo: after SDL_SetColorKey:
> >
> >Surface = 8199856 [0]
> >palette: NULL
> >BitsPerPixel: 24
> >BytesPerPixel: 3
> >Rmask: 16711680
> >Gmask: 65280
> >Bmask: 255
> >Amask: 0
>Now this makes more sense, but it is completely different from what
>you said last time --- you claimed that the logo had an alpha channel
>even when you didn't use DisplayFormat(), which is clearly not true.
>Please be more careful when reporting bugs, or it is impossible to
>help you

Sorry. :)

>As you can see, DisplayFormat gives an alpha channel to the logo; for
>some reason it also sets SRCALPHA while retaining SRCCOLORKEY.
>Try removing SRCALPHA by calling
>SDL_SetAlpha(Logo, SDL_RLEACCEL, 255);
>Alternatively, try converting the colourkey to an alpha channel by
>calling SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha (instead of DisplayFormat) after having set
>the colourkey

It's no use. Nothing changes. Like the first version of the code I sent, the
colorkey become trasparent, but, in seems, on another video buffer then
the one OpenGL's using: hence, I don't see the polygons in the colorkey
space of the logo but plain white.

Can you please send me a working example of SDL_OPENGLBLIT to test on
my system? (Remember that testgl -logo has the same behaviour of my code).


Fabio " '- nowDruid " Franchello
--- snowdruid at tiscalinet.it ---

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